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  • REAL BRAZILIAN JADE: Forget about the light green jade face rollers – those are just basic, dyed stones with no healing properties. Our jade facial roller and gua sha tool are certified as 100% AUTHENTIC and unaltered, only polished to maintain its natural beauty. The pure jade is deep green, heavier and cool to touch. If you want to boost circulation, smooth fine lines, reduce puffiness you must roll with the genuine Jade Roller.


  • FIND YOUR ZEN: When it’s time to relax and de-stress, the last thing you want to hear is that squeaking noise found on other face rollers. With our facial massager, you can be sure you will enjoy a NOISE-FREE experience. Using gua sha massage tool helps you relieving tension that leads to expression lines and soreness in the neck and shoulders. If you struggle with sleep, our face massage roller and jade gua sha stone can help you to catch more of those valuable Z’s


  • FUN & EASY ADDITION TO YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE: Whether you use it in the a.m. before you put on foundation or before bed with your sheet masks to wind down after a long day, using your beauty skin roller is the most soothing self-care ritual.


  • CUT DOWN THE AMOUNT OF YOUR SKINCARE PRODUCTS: Our skincare set boosts product absorption tremendously making your skin ready to receive more active ingredients. This way you use less of your expensive product with a better pay off since it isn’t absorbed by your fingers.

Jade Set

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