WITTY product line is inspired by the Mother Nature and ancient cultures. While the prevalence of crystals seems to be a very trendy practice, people have been using precious gemstones as a beauty and mediation tool for centuries, dating back all the way to ancient Egyptian, Chinese or Maya civilizations. For example Egyptians believed Rose Quartz would clear and encourage a beautiful complexion, and prevent wrinkles. Jade is known as the “Stone of Heaven, beauty and eternal youth” in Chinese culture. The origins of the jade rollers lie in Chinese history and they were once used by members of high society to clear fluid congestion, keep skin beautiful and women ageless. Also the concept of needling the skin is no exception. Microneedling has been present for thousands of years, dating back to ancient cultures. Evidence shows that the Chinese, Indians, and Egyptians had all explored micro-needling to some degree (e.g. acupuncture). Sometimes, the oldest rituals can be just as effective as the newest technology.

This is why our aim is to use the most natural ingredients and materials that have been used by the ancients. They didn't have parabens or harmful fillers but simply relied on what Mother Nature offered. 

Because we are a small family company and value our customers, we work hard to provide the excellent service you deserve. Our company culture is focused on Customer Care and Customer Experience. 

We are firm believers that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great skincare regime. We began our journey trying to find nature inspired products that work wonders for our skin without destroying the bank account. We believe that everyone has the right to look and feel their best, even on a budget, which is why our range has been developed to be incredibly affordable without compromising on quality. Learning more about WITTY products will help you to see how they are a smart option for your daily skin care regimen.

We hope that you view WITTY as a place for recover your soul and mind from everyday rush and feel the pure touch of nature. Our goal is to create a holistic wellness and skincare line for busy people who could bring the natural beauty to their bathrooms and unwind from the hustle of everyday life. With a help of innovative and nature-inspired products, we intend to develop a trusted skincare line to people who highly value the welfare of skin care.

The main motivation for us is not only to offer a holistic product selection with unique touch and aesthetic packaging, but to also help you create everyday skincare ritual for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


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